What Are Advanced Directives?

Two types of Advanced Directives are:

Living Will: A Living Will is a legal document in which you state the kind of health care you want or don’t want under certain circumstances.

Health Care Proxy: A Health Care Proxy (or Durable Health Care Power of Attorney) is a legal document in which you name someone close to make decisions about your health care in the event you become incapacitated.

What are the benefits of advance directives?

Peace of Mind – Namely, peace of mind, knowing that your choices are secure and will be available to your family and doctors even if you become incapacitated or ill away from home.

Serenity – The serenity of knowing that you will be able to “speak” to your family and doctors through your advance directive about your personal philosophy and help them make decisions you want without them feeling guilt or remorse.

Security – When you register your advance directive you will have the security of confidential, 24-hour access to your choices by authorized hospitals across America.