Who can request hospice services?

Any patient, family member, friend, physician or other healthcare professional can request hospice services.¬† It is best to contact us early in a serious illness, even if you’re not sure if hospice is your preferred option.

Contacting us early helps ensure there is time to make patients as comfortable as possible and provides time to help families know what to expect as the illness progresses.

Simply call Sangre de Cristo Hospice:
Pueblo- Main Office & Hospice House (our inpatient facility)-719-542-0032
West Office (in Canon City)-719-275-1261
East Office (in Fowler)-719-263-0016
Walsenburg Office-719-738-2588
Trinidad Office- 719-846-3060

A personal consultation will be scheduled with one of our Admission Representatives who is experienced in helping patients and their families understand what care options are available. Each patient is evaluated on an individual basis to determine if their prognosis and medical goals are consistent with hospice services.

Prior to admission, a physician’s referral will be obtained so the hospice can complete a medical assessment, which is required of all hospices’ by state and federal regulators to substantiate a patient’s hospice eligibility. Eligibility is determined by the referring physician’s prognosis for the patient, the hospices¬†assessment and by the patient’s desire for hospice services.

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) urges physicians to make early referrals for those with life limiting disease, noting:
  • Prognoses do not have to be certain, as some end-stage conditions have unpredictable courses
  • Patients may initially improve on hospice
  • Patients may be in hospice care longer than six months