bereavement services

Bereavement Care

In addition to Hospice services, grief counseling and education are available to anyone in the community experiencing difficulty adjusting to the death of a loved one. We offer a multitude of support groups and our counselors can meet individually.

Grieving the death of someone we love can be a lonely, confusing and overwhelming experience. It’s a process that takes a great deal of energy during a time when energy level is low or nonexistent. Grief can leave individuals feeling vulnerable and alone, wondering if there will ever be a time that you feel like a part of “life” again. The impact of loss effects individuals on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level-it is a process, not an event. The intensity of grief is dependent on several factors: support systems, coping skills, the role the loved one played in your life and how the loss occurred, just to name a few. Grief cannot be compared or measured with other’s that are grieving. Your loss is the most difficult and painful for you, and we are available to be a part of your support system that accompanies you during this painful time. We are available to listen, provide education on grief and loss and most importantly to not judge the feelings accompanied with your loss.. Our Master level Grief Counselors are willing to provide one-on-one counseling, and utilize a sliding scale fee based on household income. Grief educational classes and grief support groups are offered for children, teenagers and adults. Throughout the year Youth Grief Camps are offered in addition to overnight retreats for men and women experiencing a loss through death.

Those individuals who experienced the death of their loved one while he/she was a patient of Sangre de Cristo Hospice’s are entitled up to thirteen months of grief support as part of the Hospice Benefit. We are also able to support those that are grieving the death of a loved one who reside in our community or neighboring communities.

For more information on our Bereavement Care services please contact Crystal Gerlock at (719)542-0032.