Palliative Care Services

Illness Management & Provisional Assistance Care Team

About Our IMPACT Program
Our IMPACT program provides care management services with an emphasis on palliative care for patients, who may still be receiving active treatment and are not yet ready to receive hospice services.

IMPACT helps improve communication for those patients with serious illnesses. Improved communication means you have more control over your care, and are better able to understand your treatment options.

What IMPACT does for you:

  • Helps you plan for your future
  • Empowers you to manage your health
  • Provides emotional & spiritual support for you and your family
  • Manages pain and other symptoms
  • Helps you navigate the healthcare system
  • Coordinates your care
  • Guides you through difficult & complex treatment decisions

Still have a question about our IMPACT Program? Please call us today at (719)296-6201.